Life of Roux


Today we decided that Roux is a brat and can’t be left alone with the water dish. We have already noticed she is a water dog seeing as she digs and jumps in the large outside water tub, but today was new. She came inside only to go to the water bowl in here that has a large tub on top to continuously dispense water and dig in it. Yes. Dig in it. Our entire kitchen floor was covered in water because my mother and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t tell her to quit digging. She then decided to come to me while.I was sitting in the family room and share her water with me. Oh Roux… what will we do with you? 


Blacks Canyon (Ramona, CA)

Let me tell you, I expected a lot different of a scene here. I thought this swim hole would be back a bit into the mountain, hidden from the road, and maybe a bit bigger. I was disappointed though! Blacks Canyon is a stream of mountain runoff that is off the side of Blacks Canyon Road in Ramona. The road is a narrow mountain road where you have to honk at every turn and try hard not to go to fast. We even saw a Ford Explorer at the bottom of one of the drops. When we  up to the spot where the swim hole was, we drove past it thinking it couldn’t be it. But when we climbed down, we could tell this was it. There was a shallow pool with a small waterfall leading to a larger, deeper pool that my fiancee said people jump into from the rocks. 

Funny back story here- my fiancee Kris has been here plenty of times with his friends back in the day. He was very reckless before he met me and did some silly stuff. He decided to jump off one of the higher boulders into the pool, hit the bottom of the pool and shattered his ankle. He has such a high pain tollerence that  didn’t bother him much. He climbed up the side of the mountain to the road and drove to his friends house to hose off before going to the hospital. All the while his ankle is flopping around, eslecially on the bumpy mountain road. 

Back to talking about the canyon now. Roux loved it there. She hiked down that mountain to the water like a champ and tried to jump in! She loved it there. Unfortunately it was a whopping 56 degrees Fahrenheit so swimming wasn’t an option for any of us. We did snap some photos though:

Making A Living

Ebay Resale- The Beginning

Alright, so in my adventure to make ends meet with all these new adult bills and whatnot, I’ve ventured into the Ebay selling world. It isn’t too hard or complicated or anything, but it’s still a new world to me. It’s actually kind of fun too!

So far in my first 31 days as an Ebay seller, I’ve made a total of $182 after fees. This isn’t really a lot, but it’s great to be able to send the money from PayPal to my main bank account in times of need, or use PayPal to pay small bills like a phone bill and subscription fees.

To get started, I had to Google “Ebay seller account” to get to the correct account creation page to being selling instead of buying. It was super easy! After that came all the fun stuff- finding old things around my house to sell, taking pictures, and posting them! Within my first 3 days, I made about 2 sales. They were small, maybe $2 each, but it was a great feeling knowing I sold them. The shipping is super easy- I bought some brown packing envelopes at Walmart and got free Priority Mail boxes and envelopes from the USPS website. I mainly used Ground shipping and Media Mail since I was mainly selling books, VHS tapes, DVD’s, and cassets, so I used the brown envelopes more often then not.

After a while, I began to venture more into clothes, which were harder for me seeing as I know nothing about fashion, clothing, or clothing lines. I sold one vintage hat so far, but I’m not giving up! I currently have a good deal of adult and children’s clothes posted in my store. I also began the habit of stopping at yard sales on the weekends, spending a lot of time browsing in Thrift stores, and getting free things off Apps like OfferUp and LetGo. Those are all great places to get sellable Ebay items!

So far, I’ve noticed the best YouTuber to watch that helped me get started was Nicole STATE. She is a great Ebay seller that makes a living off selling on Ebay and making YouTube videos about it. She is great to watch, and very knowledgeable about the resale world.

If anyone reading this does decide to try joining the Ebay resale world, please let me know! I am learning new things about it all every day, and would love more people to share experiences with!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful day ☼

Living Our Lives

My First Blog Post | An Introduction to Us

Hello there.

My name is Rachel. I am the mother of 3 amazing pups, 1 retired cat, and a very friendly guinea pig. I am also the fiancee of the most amazing man in the world (I know, a bit objective but totally true). This is a little introduction to who we are, so enjoy!

A fun fact about me: I turned 21 years old at the end of 2016 and still have yet to go anywhere and order alcohol.  I currently work with PetSmart, which has been my 2nd family since December 2015. I’ve been a Pet Hotel worker, a Pet Care Specialist working with all the fun little critters, a Cashier (which I never enjoyed as much as every other position), and my current and most favorite- a Bather in the Salon! I hope to train sooner than later to become a Grooming with the PetSmart Grooming Salon.

On a lower note: I have struggled with severe anxiety and manic depression since 9th grade. I have been afraid to talk about it to anyone, with good reason. Whenever I talk about my mental illnesses, people tend to tell me things like: “If you stop talking about being anxious you won’t be anxious anymore!” or “If you got out more you wouldn’t be so depressed.” and my personal favorite: “You aren’t depressed you’re just lazy.” If anyone reading this struggles with similar daily struggles as I do, please know that I understand completely what you are going through and would never look down on anyone with a mental illness. Don’t be afraid to reach out, just chose the right people to reach out to.

Now for Roux: Roux was born on February 4, 2017. Her mother is a beautiful Pit Bull named Dixie, and her dad is a handsome Husky named Beaux (who went missing shortly before the litter was born). She was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, and made the trip with us back home to San Diego, California on March 4, 2017. Although she was young, she turned out to be a spoiled, healthy pup who is now being raised by our loving family.

Ashe was born on Halloween of 2014, and was my birthday present when I was 17. She is a German Shepherd mixed with Husky, but really looks like a Husky with German Shepherd colors. She has had one litter of 8 healthy puppies, and is now still raising her 2 year old son Zeke and our little Roux. She likes bacon, hugs, and my Guinea Pig JoJo.

Zeke is Ashe’s son- first born of her litter of 8. He gets shaved down every 8 weeks because ever since he was a pup he’s had skin allergies (mostly relating to the San Diego flea problem). He now gets a spritz of Honey soothing spray in the morning, and medicated Tea Tree Mint spray at night to keep him from scratching. His favorite thing in the world is love from anyone who will give it to him. He recently made a big step towards being out of his shell by jumping willingly into our truck and actually wanting to go bye-bye. Soon, we will test the waters and take him out hiking or somewhere quiet. He has one blue eye and one gold eye, and has the face of an angel!

Jojo is a lazy black and white guinea pig who was adopted from PetSmart in January 2016. He has accompanied us to Louisiana and back to California 8 months later. He is a sweet boy, a little shy, but amazingly photogenic and social. He loves treats, strawberries, and orange capsicums. He also loves grass and all things green.

Last but not least- My Fiancee.

We met on April 16, 2016 on Plenty of Fish (a dating app), and hit it off pretty well on our first date. We started officially dating on April 18, 2016. We’ve been through a lot in our short time together, and on April 27, 2017 he proposed to me on top of Mount Helix while we were watching the sunrise with our sweet Roux. Of course I said Yes, and now we are planning our small wedding.

That’s our little family, and we hope you enjoy reading of our adventures!